Frequently asked questions

At ST. LUKE’S we believe that God cares more about your heart than your clothes. There is no dress code, so feel free to dress comfortably.
First and most importantly, we will not ask you to raise your hand or stand to be recognized as a visitor! We know that makes most folks uncomfortable, which is the opposite of how we want you to feel.

Our 8:30am worship service is rather traditional with organ music and singing some of our favorite hymns. Everyone is invited to enjoy donuts, coffee and juice after first service. Of course these are free for our guests!

Our 11am worship is more contemporary, led by our Praise Team that includes drums and guitars. Music for this service will remind you of your favorite contemporary Christian radio station. Don’t hesitate to tap your foot and clap your hands!

Children and young people are welcome at either service; there is time dedicated during 11am worship for our Pastor to spend time explaining the gospel to our Young Disciples before they leave for children’s church – which is totally optional.

We cannot wait to see you

We recognize that one of the most difficult things about visiting a new church is knowing what to expect. ST.LUKE’S would be thrilled for you to be our guest at any one of our services or home groups. We will do our very best to make you feel welcome, comfortable and to otherwise have a good experience. Yeah, come casual. ST.Luke’s may be a bit different from the way you remember church. The Word of God is honored and taught with the goal being to see lives changed. Maybe you are at a crossroads and need a new direction in life! I think we can help! We certainly want to meet you… so take the next step and be our guest this Sunday!  After all, our mission is “To help people embrace a relationship with Jesus Christ.”